Serial Splitter

New user-friendly interface lets you establish various types of serial connections easier and faster. With new Serial Splitter you can:
  • split real COM port into several virtual ports
  • join several real serial ports into one virtual
  • redirect serial data from real serial ports to the virtual ones or between real serial ports
  • share one real port among multiple applications
  • organize complex bundles with multiple real and virtual ports at both sides
If you need to deliver data from one device to several applications, or need one application to work with several devices simultaneously, or maybe organize complex bundle for your specific needs, Serial port Splitter provides you with a quick and effective solution.

From now on you can also share real port with any number of applications you wish and redirect serial port data to another real or virtual port if you need two devices to exchange data.

Shared Serial Ports

Shared Serial Ports makes it possible to establish connection between several applications and one real serial port at once.
  • Flexible access policy for each applicatio
  • Fast and correct serial data transmission
  • Bidirectional data transfer
  • Share Serial Port between multiple applications
Shared Serial Ports does not create virtual serial ports, all applications work with the same port. Shared Serial Ports shares a port using its own sharing bus and lets multiple applications connect to the same port. To add virtual ports with different names, use "one-to-many" connection of Serial Port Splitter.
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We use Serial Splitter to interconnect several COM ports between our applications. Serial Splitter's "bundling" functionality has helped us greatly and saved us lots of time and space. It's impressive how simple it is to accomplish most tedious and time-taking tasks with your Serial Splitter.

Henry Ledford, UK